The origins of the Adamstown Pudding Kitchen date back to 1971, when a church member turned to her grandmother’s pudding recipe to make a dessert for a church fundraiser, in thankfulness for her brother returning safely from the Vietnam Wa​r. 

Since 1971 Adamstown Pudding Kitchen has been producing superb gourmet puddings famous for their moist consistency and full flavour. Produced to an old family recipe in a modern commercial kitchen, Adamstown Pudding Kitchen uses only the finest natural Australian ingredients, where possible. As a result of our tradition for quality products, our puddings have been recognised as one of Australia’s finest gourmet puddings.

Not only are these puddings delicious they are also excellent value. Due to the support of trained volunteers who manage wrapping and delivery, these puddings are available at a market price lower than other comparable commercial products. In addition, profits from their sales are used by the Adamstown Uniting Church to support a range of welfare and community programs in Newcastle, Australia and overseas.

Adamstown Puddings taste great but also do good!

Purchasing a pudding from the Adamstown Pudding Kitchen provides a rich gourmet experience while returning value to the wider community through volunteer programs and the funding of important community based projects in Australia and around the world. You can both, eat well and create good, through supporting the Adamstown Pudding Kitchen.

Here are three stories among the many projects that we have helped support.

The Dungeon at Adamstown

The Dungeon

At the local level we have been supporting the development of an All-Age music venue in The Dungeon. Situated under the Church it has long been used as a jazz and live music venue. We are now running regular music gigs for young people. This provides a welcoming and safe environment for young people to experience live music. It also supports emerging musicians and helps mentor creativity and project planning skills for aspiring young people in the creative industries. It is empowering young people to explore their own gifts and skills and giving them support and resilience to reach their goals.

Climate change

Climate Change

One key overseas project currently being supported through funds from the Pudding Kitchen is disaster readiness and climate change in the Pacific. This is a program that helps build readiness for major weather events and saves lives and builds infrastructure for community survival. Alongside these preparations there is ongoing education programs to learn about and respond to climate change in the region. This is empowering communities to respond to changes and create hopeful futures. This program works at a grass roots level and all the funds from our donation of $7500 goes to make a difference where it is most needed.

Other Projects

Other projects we are supporting in an ongoing way are women’s leadership program in indigenous communities in Australia and the Pacific, Mercy Ships program focusing on women’s health, and safe drinking water programs in East Timor and Africa. We choose to work with partner organisations where 100% of our donation is used on the ground to make a difference in people’s lives.

Adamstown Puddings, jams, pickles and sauces, Tastes Great and Does Good!